Jorge Uriel Nájera.
b. 1987, Guadalajara, México.

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A work in progress, this sample of One Hundred is part of a larger project where a tailor-made circuit ignites dozens of smoke flares at the same time, creating a mass of colour suspended in air for a few minutes. The idea behind it aims to give a fictional ethereal being physical manifestation in the form of mist and smoke. This piece is to be carried and documented in several locations.
The following three images belong to a series of paintings intended to depict imagined forces of creation. The colours are provided by pigments ejected from smoke flares. The pigments land on an acrylic-prepared canvas where they mix and follow the traces of the brush.
Project made in collaboration with architect Lorenza Esquinca.
Images by Lorenza Esquinca & Jorge U Nájera.
Project made in the region of Tala, Jalisco, México with the support of Cncpcn Huerta.
35mm colour film.
Photography series of familiar spaces abandoned after my grandfather’s death.
Project made in collaboration with architect Diego Flores for the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education.
Images by Aldo Álvareztostado.
Project made in collaboration with architect Diego Flores and psychologist Carlos Murguía.
Images by Manuel Pérez & Melisa San Vicente.
La Faible Lueur du Siècle (amp089)
EP released in 2011 by netlabel AMP-RECS under the pseudonym Elegies of Sunder. Click to download or listen.